Thursday, 17 August 2017

Routine Maintenance

Greens cut & ironed, fairways and semi rough cut, tees divoted, some small gorse and broom bushes will be cut down and bunkers raked.
Weak areas are being seeded small gorse and broom bushes being removed. Greens will be over seeded and top dressed with sand some time between August and the end of September. We have 20 visitors playing today.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Advance Programme

Advance Programme:
If weather conditions allow greens, surrounds and approaches will receive another top dressing before the end of August. Greens will be over seeded before the end of September. There after greens will be very lightly top dressed every 4/6 weeks if practical. Routine fairway divoting is carried out weekly. Some areas where bushes/trees were removed will be re-seeded, mild fertilisers will be applied to the whole course over the coming few weeks. All drainage lines on the practice range will be seeded. Rose Bay Willow Herb and general selective weed killing will be carried out as required throughout the whole course, small broom and gorse bushes within heather beds will be removed or sprayed with weed killer.